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Design. Illustration. Photography. 3D.

Hi, I'm Emily

I live in the glorious glitter and shame that is Las Vegas, Nevada. During the day, I work for a production company crafting presentations that sell the dream; not mine, but someone else’s. I believe that anyone can be creative or have great ideas, but expressing them... well, that's where I come in. I'd like to think that being an artist is similar to being a detective or psychic. Learning what the client wants (and also what they need) can be a challenging task, and creating the solution can be the greatest reward.

Like many artists, I started at a young age. Sure, I had crayons, pencils, and paint, but there were other accounts of my childhood artistry. I was told I once used the fresh paint of a new car door as a canvas for an abstract rock etching (Sorry Mom!).

Despite the many mistakes made in the pursuit of art, my family encouraged me to apply for The Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. I learned to paint with a variety of classical media, though I feel the greatest lesson was learning to accept and contribute meaningful criticism. My efforts were rewarded when I had received credit for my AP Studio Art 2D design portfolio.

Eventually I went back to school and attended The Art Institute of Las Vegas. Within three years, I received my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design as well as “Best in Show” for the graduating class portfolio show. I’ve since worked for a wedding photography studio, a graphic design agency, and a production company. During the day, I craft presentations selling the dream. During the night, I create my own—Some of them live here.


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My Work

Avalon Catalina T-Shirt


35th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup T-Shirt

This shirt was designed for Catalina Island’s 35th Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup, one of the largest annual dive events in Southern California.

PitStop Coke Banner


PitStop Coke Banner

Coke banners designed for a convenience store owned by Pit Stop Oil Company in Las Vegas, NV.

Maurice Tries New Foods


Maurice Tries New Foods Paperback Book

Illustrations commissioned by Brian Zana for his children's book, designed/published by XLIBRIS, and sold on Amazon.

PitStop Gaming


PitStop Gaming

Golden Gaming machine redesign for a convenience store owned by Pit Stop Oil Company in Las Vegas, NV.

Monica Portrait


Monica Portrait

Prismacolor pencil portrait on Strathmore paper.

The Black Chicken Photography


The Black Chicken Photography Logo

Logo designed during my time as a contracted designer for Studio ATG Photography.

Noelle Garcia Logo/Cards


Noelle Garcia Logo and Business Cards

Logo and spot UV business cards designed for fine artist Noelle Garcia.

Vegas Valley Fire Protection


Vegas Valley Fire Protection Logo Refresh

Logo redesign under direction of Trademark Creative LTD. I made the design simple so that the logo could be reproduced in more applications such as embroidered polo shirts.